Art Class Facts

Visual Arts in Public Schools
Arts Education:

  • *Employs developmentally appropriate processes for teaching and learning that are based on activity-oriented methods.
  • Uses the elements of art and the principles of design as a foundation for exploring visual arts concepts and processes.
  • *Develops and promotes self-expression.
  • *Makes enriching connections between and intergrates visual arts and other curriculum areas.
  • *Uses reading, writing and math to explore art concepts and facilitate learning in these areas.
  • *Encourages creativity by using higher level critical thinking skills to identify problems, explore original solutions, and complete the problem-solving process. This has practical application not only in visual arts, but in all areas of the curriculum and for life-long learning

Art Class Facts 2013-2014
  1. McAlpine's art teacher is Mr. Satterfield
  2. Students have art class once a week.
  3. Art class is held in the art room
  4. Art classes meet for forty-five minutes.
  5. Art class can be messy. Have children where appropriate clothing on their art day.
  6. Art supplies are non-toxic and most of the art supplies are washable.